At Ballarat Serviced Offices, tenants can choose the length of their lease, with locked in rates, ensuring there will be no unexpected changes in cost. The rates cover a wide range of amenities including, but not limited to, 24/7 access, utilities, Wi Fi, High speed internet.

Additionally, tenants can opt in for additional services such as full reception duties, mail management, and printing /copying. The office management team have extensive experience in the industry.

You can personalise and customise your space so it meets your needs, not only functionally but also compliments your personality and style.

Experience in the industry is beneficial to helping a tenant start up a business as it provides expertise and knowledge in the day-to-day operations and management of a successful business. This can include areas such as office administration, customer service, marketing, and finances. The office management team at Ballarat Serviced Offices can provide valuable guidance, support and advice to tenants, helping them navigate the challenges of starting and running a business, and increasing the chance of success. This experience can also lead to the establishment of valuable connections and networks, which can be a key factor in growing and expanding your business.